Help & FAQs

Blacksburg Transit will take all reasonable steps to provide you with accurate bus departure information through BT4U. The accuracy of predictions vary and depend on many factors including traffic patterns, accidents, detours, traffic lights, etc., therefore BT4U cannot guarantee the accuracy of predictions. In general, the margin of error is within two minutes.

Helpful tips:

  • Arrive at stop at least five minutes in advance.
  • BT4U provides departure information, not arrival, so don’t wait until the last second to get to the bus stop.
  • BT4U provides predicted information.
  • Drivers can only stop at designated BT bus stops.
  • Buses only wait at timechecks, if running ahead of schedule. Buses do not stop at non-timecheck stops unless requested or passengers are at stop waiting.
What do I look for?
Key stops on each route have a sign mounted to the bus stop pole, follow the instructions provided (see image below).small image of BT 4 u sign
What is the route code?
Each BT route has an individual name, for simplicity they are shortened to a three letter code.
What is the Stop #?
Each BT bus stop is assigned a unique stop number, allowing BT to identify the exact stop. You will need to know this to use BT4U.
How far in advance can I get bus arrival information?
We provide up to the next three departure times for each stop. How far in advance will depend on the frequency of the service at that present time.
What if there is more than one bus that uses a stop?
In some instances, mostly on campus, stops are serviced by multiple routes. Depending on your destination select the route that best services you and enter one route code and stop number.
How can I find the stop number without going to the actual stop?
Visit Google Maps and zoom in on Blacksburg until you see the blue bus stop icon. Each bus icon represents one BT stop; by left clicking on the icon a box is opened listing the routes that service the stop along with the unique stop ID or number. If you still can’t find the bus stop number please contact BT.
How do I know what route to use?
Visit Google Transit, (there is also a form on our homepage), enter your origin and your destination and Google Transit will give you step by step directions, including what route to take and where to catch the bus.
What does the future hold for BT4U?
We anticipate BT4U continuing to grow and change as new technologies are deployed. To learn more about this plan, download the BT4U Roadmap here (1.87mb pdf).